Educational & Health Development

Africa Crossroads has been working with the local English medium school Chobe River School, which was started by local Christians who desired a Christ-based education for their children, as well as one of the local government schools, Lesoma Primary School.

Elise has been teaching at Chobe River School for five years and through her, Robin has been introduced to the faculty and staff. Besides holding teacher workshops and seminars, Robin tutors several of the children with learning disabilities. Also, she has been able to help with curriculum development in reading. The teacher workshops introduce teachers to new curriculum, technology, teaching strategies and activities and demonstrate how to apply these in the classroom.

Workshops that have been held are Learning and Reading Strategies, Learning Disabilities, and Reading Curriculum. Since being involved in tutoring students with learning disabilities, the possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome being a factor led to the invitation of Mrs. Olivier to present a workshop to our community.

Mrs. Olivier, CEO of Fetal Alcohol Related Research (F.A.R.R.) of South Africa, which is a world-renowned organization, presented to the local heads of the health and education centers an informative and interesting seminar on F.A.R.R. Since our community is known as a heavy drinking area in Botswana, we have reason to believe that some of the children here are affected. The doctors, nurses and educators in attendance were overwhelmed by the information and have challenged themselves to try to get permission from the government to conduct a prevalence study in our area for this serious disability.

We hope to have permission for the study by 2014 and hope to have F.A.R.R. conduct it for us.