Posted on January 13th, 2019

We are in the midst of seeing folks and visiting supporting churches. It is a whirl wind but such a blessed one as we reconnect with folks we have not seen in 2 years.

Keith has been able to speak at Kaufman and encourage the believers there. We feel so blessed to be a part of their family.
As always, we are so indebted to Bill and Jill Pamplin for the loan of a vehicle while on furlough.
Our travels will take us to west, south and east Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma.
Pray we will have good weather as we head north.

Pray also for the believers in Botswana and the church there as we are absent from them.
Also, pray for Noka ya Botshelo as they start a new school year, that the faculty and staff will be a blessing to their students.

We pray for all of you a very blessed New Year in the Lord.

Robin and Keith

Posted on May 17th, 2018

May 2018

Dear Circle of Prayer,

Greetings from Botswana! It is past time to write and fill you in on all our news! We are well now and so thankful to have survived a bad flu season.  We were both down for a week.  Thankfully, we are back on our feet!

Chedza is a wonderful young lady who has attended our Sunday school class for many years.  In March, she moved out of town about 3 hours away to attend senior high as there is no senior high here in Kasane.  As her father is a deacon at the fellowship here, we have been able to keep in touch with her.  During her first term, she struggled as she adjusted to dorm life and being away from a loving and supportive family. 

Sadly, the girls in her dorm were deeply involved in witchcraft and this strongly affected her as well.  One night, she woke to find blood spread all over the dorm.  She sent a message to her family to pray and the church joined in.

Chedza was eager to get home for the Easter holidays so that she could be baptized.  She had studied with Keith earlier in the year and finally made the decision to be born again.  So in April, Chedza was baptized.  What joy we have knowing that she is not alone at school but has the Holy Spirit to help her in every aspect of her life!

Upon returning to school,  Chedza started a prayer group in her dorm.  Shortly afterwards, the witchcraft slowly began to diminished and the whole atmosphere of her dorm has changed. We rejoice with her and continually hold her up in our prayers and ask that you also pray for her and the girls, who are not believers, in her dorm. 

Another young woman, KG, who is so special to us as we have known her and her family for many years was also recently baptized.  When her dad Mark called to ask Keith to baptize her, he felt so honored.  However, knowing how special KG and Mark's relationship is, Keith desired Mark to also have a part in this special event.  As family and friends gathered around the pool, KG was doubly blessed to be baptized by both Mark and Keith.

Shortly after our return from KG's baptism, Keith was blessed to perform a beautiful wedding on the banks of the Chobe River for a lovely Christian couple from Gaborone.

 As we went for the rehearsal, we found the party trying to decorate.  However, the lodge manager cautioned that if they put up the canopy and flowers, chairs, and other decor, most of it would be down the river by morning!  Yes, the baboons love to dismantle whatever they can and carry it off. So the wedding party were forced to wait until the next morning to set up for the wedding. That evening we kept Ethan and Hazel so that Rob and Elise could celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

Elise, Rob and family are well. Rob recently went on an expedition to dart and put ankle radio collars on hippos.  It was a dangerous job and he had all of us praying while he was away. Thankfully, they were able to get ankle radio collars on two hippos without any mishaps. While he was away, Robin spent the night at Elise's house to help with the little ones.

Just this evening, Keith studied with a man who desires to be baptized.  Exciting to see God at work.

In June, we will be hosting three missions interns from Harding University. Please pray that we are open to God's guidance in creating the most meaningful and educational experience possible for them.

Sadly, we woke this morning to news that a person has been killed by an elephant.  Apparently, the headman's herd boy crossed paths with one.  This land, Chobe, is known as the "Land of the giants" and they have right of way. We don't know the man who died but it reminds us that we don't know when our time to leave this earth will come.  So let us be ready at all times.

As we end this letter, we pray God bless each of you and we are so grateful for your prayers and support.

In His Love,

Keith and Robin Honey

Posted on January 27th, 2018

​January 25, 2018
Dear Circle of Prayer,
As the New Year progresses, we find ourselves reflecting on the last few months of 2017. It has been a few busy, hectic months since our last letter to you. 
We would love to catch you up on all our news. 

September of 2017 found us in Zomba, Malawi presenting a Family and Marriage Seminar to about 50 members of the Namikango Mission.  This mission has a long and storied history. Our last visit to the mission was in 1979 when we were guest of B and Ruth Shelburne. So it was refreshing to visit again and bring encouragement to the students and staff and their families.
Our hosts this time, Ben and Rebecca Hayes, made us feel so welcome. Ben is a missionary kid who was raised in Kenya. How wonderful to see him following in his parents' footsteps.
After the seminar, we received word that Robin's mother was dying. So we cut short our trip and headed for home.  We had hoped to spend some time with the churches in Zambia with which we had worked in 1978-79. However, on the road we learned that she had passed.

Rushing home, we purchased tickets, packed our bags and flew to the US.  We were so thankful that we were able to be there for Robin's dad and all the family.  The two weeks we were in the US was spent helping prepare for Robin's mom's memorial and being with family.
The brief time with our children and grandchildren, one of which we had not met, was so sweet and precious.

Upon our return at the end of October, we had only two days to do wash and pack for a trip across the Zambezi River to Livingstone, Zambia, where Keith preformed a wedding for a dear Christian friend, who is actually our doctor here in Kasane.

After the wedding, we rushed home, did laundry and re-packed as we headed for Gaborone and the wonderful arrival of Hazel Charlotte Sutcliffe, Elise and Robert's little girl.  Ethan was so courageous and shed very few tears as he stayed with us while Elise was in the hospital . 
 We spent a week letting Elise rest and recover and took advantage of the time in the capital to renew our passports and get some Christmas shopping done.

Thankful to finally be home for a few weeks, we re-engaged in the various studies and activities here at home until December 21 when we drove all the way to South Africa for Keith to perform another wedding. Our long time and dear friend, Marilyn Cook's granddaughter Rachel Aub was married to Jason Brookstein. The wedding venue was gorgeous and the weather co-operated as it is the rainy season here.  The wedding was on December 22  so in order to be home in time for Christmas, we left on the 23rd and drove for 18 hours to be home in the early hours of Christmas Eve.  We were so excited to be home and to enjoy Christmas with family: Rob, Elise, Ethan and Hazel. 

However, our friends Robyn and Louie lost their son Sean in a horrible car accident.  Sean's death stunned everyone as he had celebrated his 17th birthday just days before. Several years before, Keith had studied with Sean and his brother Peter and baptized both of them. What a wonderful day that was for Louie and Robyn! What a comfort that was in these days of mourning to know Sean is alive and with Jesus. 

So just days after Christmas, we gathered with tears and memories and celebrated Sean's brief but meaningful life. Young people drove long distances to come and share their memories of what Sean had meant to them.  What a testimony to a life well lived! Pray for Robyn, Louie, Jamie, Mandy and Peter as they continue each day without their precious son and brother.
While Satan intended to steal our joy with these deaths, Robin's mother, Sean, and the first anniversary of  Keith's mother on this Christmas, we press on knowing that a glorious reunion awaits us when we too make that step into the fullness of God's  Kingdom.
We pray God's blessing on each of you in this new year.

​In His Service,
Keith and Robin Honey

Posted on April 15th, 2017

 Jan-Mar 2017
After three months of furlough, we are back home (Actually it was 5 months for Robin as she left early to spend time with her mom who has serious health issues.).  We arrived in the midst of an exceptionally good rainy season with rains so heavy our main supply road was closed on a couple of occasions due to flooding.  For a country like Botswana, much of which is desert, rain is extremely important.

Just this time last year, the dams that supply the water for Botswana's capitol city, Gaborone, were almost dry!  The whole country has received God's gracious gift of rain, which lead President Ian Khama to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving.  He and his cabinet met at the city’s main water supply dam (which was down to 1% this time last year) to offer up prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord.  Today, we are rejoicing that all the dams are currently full and some are overflowing; and, that we live in country where the president gives honor and credit where due!

Concerning our Residence Permits, Keith was summoned to the Labor Department where he was informed that the Head Immigration Office had made a mistake last time in issuing him a permit as a “Director”.  They said this is a specific title for someone in a company, a position for which Keith does not meet their criterion and would lead to the application’s rejection.  They instructed him to refill the forms applying as a “CEO/Missionary” of African Mission Services Trust.  This is an encouraging development as the Immigration Selection Board could have rejected the application and they are not bound to give an explanation why.  Our prayer is that God grants us favor in the eyes of the Botswana government for continued service in Botswana and the southern Africa region.  This has been a process that takes place every three years.  Our hope is that we are granted the maximum time allowed under such a permit, 5 years, as it is an expensive, laborious, and time consuming process.  Regardless of the length of time given, with renewed permits we will be able to move forward with an application for Permanent Residence.

Another exciting development was being awarded a grant by the American Business Council of Botswana in the amount of P10,000 ($1000) for our agricultural development program.  We are encouraged by this grant, thinking perhaps this is a sign that our ministry will move forward and permits will be granted. We are to attend their Annual General Meeting March 24 in Gaborone where the check will be presented.

Keith has resumed his mentoring and teaching of the young evangelists.  Last night he showed them the movie Unconditional.  Based on a true story, it speaks to the problems associated with fatherless homes.  A single mother, who is part of this group, usually comes with her son. This six year old was moved to tears by a scene where a young boy, not much older than him, pleaded with a man to be his father.  Oh, the soft, sweet hearts of the innocent.  If you have not seen this movie, we would highly recommend it.

Additionally, Keith has plugged back into his responsibilities at the Disciples of Jesus Fellowship (DJF), counseling, serving on the school board of Noka ya Botshelo, leading evangelistic Bible studies, working on the Trucker’s Chapel and walking the truck lines.

Robin is reengaging at the school and looking forward to working with new and old students.  The school has grown so large that there are now two standard one classes, which means more tutoring for her.  She is also teaching Sunday school again, but is so excited to have two young new teachers to help her in this ministry.

Since Ethan's birth, Elise has stopped teaching formally, but has a full tutoring load and more are asking for her help.  Pray she can find the time to help these students and still manage to take care of Ethan.

Rob continues his work with the NGO, Elephants without Borders.  His job takes him to different countries studying elephants, their migration patterns and the like.  He also is enjoying serving as a deacon at DJF. We are excited that he has the opportunity to shine the light of Christ in arenas where that light is often dim at best.

Parliament has just passed a law that will allow people like Elise, who was born here, to apply for Botswana citizenship, without giving up United States citizenship.  Dual citizenship would allow her to work here without having to go through the expensive permitting process.  As of now, her tutoring is gratis as she does not have a work permit. 

As the DJF has grown, there is a need for mentoring and teaching the young women. Robin has desired to do this for some time and is excited about the new Bible class for the women.  They met for the first time this past Saturday and all are eager for a time to study, share and learn.  Pray that this study will be fruitful in these women's lives.

This past furlough was an unusual one due to the passing of Keith's mother.  It saddened us that we were not able to see some of you that we normally try to see. We will look forward to seeing you next furlough.  Thank you for understanding our need to be with family during that difficult time.

We praise God for relationships like ours that span the oceans.
God bless,
Keith and Robin Honey
P.S.      Praise the Lord, our permits were renewed for 3 more years! Rather than rewrite, we              decided to append this good news here!

Posted on December 5th, 2016

​November 2016
Dear Circle of Prayer,
We are now in the United States on furlough and enjoying being with family and friends and grandkids.  Sadly, shortly after our arrival, Keith’s mom Bea fell and broke her hip.  She is now in rehab following hip replacement surgery and doing well.  Please pray for the whole Honey family.  Bea missed being with the family for Thanksgiving, but we hope she will be home for Christmas.  We are so thankful that we are here and able to help the family at this difficult time.
Before leaving for furlough, we turned in our paper work for renewal of our work and residence permits.  We are confident that if God wants us to continue our work in Botswana, He will provide these permits.  Please join us in praying that these necessary permits are granted swiftly and for a longer period than just 3 years.  We are eligible for 10 years and pray that God will grant us 10 years.
Finally, after many years of preparation and waiting on governmental permission, Keith was able to open the Trucker’s Chapel.  It is being manned by some of the young evangelists while we are on furlough.  This is giving these young people a place and opportunity to share their faith with the many truckers who pass through Kazungula.

Now that we are stateside, we look forward to connecting with our many supporters, family and friends.  We have some very exciting projects to share with you.  The Lord has been opening doors to some dreams that may be finally coming true. 
Being here during presidential election has been a joy.  In years past, we have voted overseas, so to be here to cast our votes was special.  Our prayer for America is that we can return to the faith that so profoundly shaped this nation, bringing about the peace and unity so earnestly desired.
Last week we were able to attend the ECHO conference in Fort Meyers, Florida and were richly blessed to see old friends and meet new ones.  The classes and demonstrations were beneficial and instructive as usual.  Such conferences are valuable for the establishments of linkages that will help move the ministry forward. Keith is excited about meeting an Oklahoma State University agricultural professor who is interested in sending students to Botswana for internships.
As we travel during this furlough, we pray you remember us in prayer for safety and for opportunity to share about what God is doing through us in Botswana.
In His Love,
Keith and Robin Honey

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