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Posted on May 17th, 2018

May 2018

Dear Circle of Prayer,

Greetings from Botswana! It is past time to write and fill you in on all our news! We are well now and so thankful to have survived a bad flu season.  We were both down for a week.  Thankfully, we are back on our feet!

Chedza is a wonderful young lady who has attended our Sunday school class for many years.  In March, she moved out of town about 3 hours away to attend senior high as there is no senior high here in Kasane.  As her father is a deacon at the fellowship here, we have been able to keep in touch with her.  During her first term, she struggled as she adjusted to dorm life and being away from a loving and supportive family. 

Sadly, the girls in her dorm were deeply involved in witchcraft and this strongly affected her as well.  One night, she woke to find blood spread all over the dorm.  She sent a message to her family to pray and the church joined in.

Chedza was eager to get home for the Easter holidays so that she could be baptized.  She had studied with Keith earlier in the year and finally made the decision to be born again.  So in April, Chedza was baptized.  What joy we have knowing that she is not alone at school but has the Holy Spirit to help her in every aspect of her life!

Upon returning to school,  Chedza started a prayer group in her dorm.  Shortly afterwards, the witchcraft slowly began to diminished and the whole atmosphere of her dorm has changed. We rejoice with her and continually hold her up in our prayers and ask that you also pray for her and the girls, who are not believers, in her dorm. 

Another young woman, KG, who is so special to us as we have known her and her family for many years was also recently baptized.  When her dad Mark called to ask Keith to baptize her, he felt so honored.  However, knowing how special KG and Mark's relationship is, Keith desired Mark to also have a part in this special event.  As family and friends gathered around the pool, KG was doubly blessed to be baptized by both Mark and Keith.

Shortly after our return from KG's baptism, Keith was blessed to perform a beautiful wedding on the banks of the Chobe River for a lovely Christian couple from Gaborone.

 As we went for the rehearsal, we found the party trying to decorate.  However, the lodge manager cautioned that if they put up the canopy and flowers, chairs, and other decor, most of it would be down the river by morning!  Yes, the baboons love to dismantle whatever they can and carry it off. So the wedding party were forced to wait until the next morning to set up for the wedding. That evening we kept Ethan and Hazel so that Rob and Elise could celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

Elise, Rob and family are well. Rob recently went on an expedition to dart and put ankle radio collars on hippos.  It was a dangerous job and he had all of us praying while he was away. Thankfully, they were able to get ankle radio collars on two hippos without any mishaps. While he was away, Robin spent the night at Elise's house to help with the little ones.

Just this evening, Keith studied with a man who desires to be baptized.  Exciting to see God at work.

In June, we will be hosting three missions interns from Harding University. Please pray that we are open to God's guidance in creating the most meaningful and educational experience possible for them.

Sadly, we woke this morning to news that a person has been killed by an elephant.  Apparently, the headman's herd boy crossed paths with one.  This land, Chobe, is known as the "Land of the giants" and they have right of way. We don't know the man who died but it reminds us that we don't know when our time to leave this earth will come.  So let us be ready at all times.

As we end this letter, we pray God bless each of you and we are so grateful for your prayers and support.

In His Love,

Keith and Robin Honey

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