Back in Botswana

Posted on July 3rd, 2014

Back in Botswana

After a two and a half month visit to the US, I am now back in Botswana.  What took me to the US was the birth of our first grandchild and what a grand child she is!  Ruth Lindsay was born on Feb. 13 in the US but here it was Feb 14, so she will be my Valentine baby!  Her arrival was early by a month and fraught with drama.  Her heart had a hole and a missing artery.  Thanks to the amazing knowledge and skill that God has given man,  her tiny heart, the size of a medium strawberry was repaired.  Ruth is now around 8 lbs and is growing and thriving and meeting all the normal developmental stages for her age. 

My time in the US was spent lending support to my son and his wonderful wife while Ruth was in the hospital, a total of 7 weeks, and then helping care daily for Ruth when she was sent home.  Feeding every three hours required a lot of work and basically consumed the day and night as well as going to many different doctors' appointments.

When it came time to leave, it was so difficult because I was leaving my sweet baby Ruth and family.  Thankfully, we will be able to see her and family again in December as we will be back in the US for regularly scheduled furlough!

How grateful we are to our God whose healing touch has been felt by us all, especially Ruth, and for all of you faithful who lifted her and us daily in prayer.  It is because of such faithfulness that Ruth is doing so well.

While I was in the US, we received news that our work/residence permits have been issued for 3 more years.  We praise God for that answer to many, fervent prayers.  Since we had word that the permits had been issued, Keith was able to join me in the US  for the last 2 1/2 weeks of my time there, thanks to the generosity of so many who gave for his ticket, especially the Kaufman Church of Christ.  Thank you for letting Keith behold and hold his first born grandchild!

Now we are praying the Lord will provide the land needed for the small resource farm and for a small piece to place the Trucker's chapel. 

It is good to be back and I am eager to get back into my routine with tutoring and teaching.
Today was extra special as Chobe River School is having a swimming pool poured today.  This event has been anticipated, planned for and funds raised for almost 2 years.  Now, the school will be able to teach swimming and hold competitions!  Thankfully, a new teacher hired this year is a certified swimming instructor and coach.

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