A Friday Night to Remember

Posted on July 17th, 2013

Friday,  May 31, 2013 was a day we will not forget.  We were expecting Rob and Elise for movie night but when Rob called and said Elise was not feeling well and it was her stomach, we became worried.  Elise had suffered with chronic appendicitis and we feared it could be serious.  When Rob called again at 6:30 P.M. and said they were going to the hospital, I quickly put together a meal for him and we joined him there.  It was good that I had brought food as he had not eaten and would not get a chance to eat again until later the next day.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital and saw our daughter in such pain, we texted our son Jeremiah in the US, and he immediately alerted family and then got on Facebook to put out our prayer request.  Soon people all over the world were joining in prayer for our sweet Elise.  Poor Rob was learning about the "in sickness" part of his vows!  If not for the Lord's comfort and strength, we would not have gotten through this time of testing!

Thankfully, the doctor on duty recognized her symptoms and began to notify Med-Rescue that she needed to be air lifted out.  The medical insurance company needed more than just the doctor's word, so they required a blood test and an x-ray as there is no scan here in Kasane.  He willingly did both and continued to ask for Med-Rescue.  Eventually, the insurance company agreed and release the Med-Rescue folks to prepare to come.  It took an hour and a half to get the pilot and plane ready for take-off.  We were so thankful they found a sober pilot as it was late Friday night! 

Next, we were faced with getting the airport here in Kasane opened and the run way lit.  The run way does not have lights and portable lights had to be installed.  These lights are battery powered and have a limited life so everything had to fall just right to have the Med-Rescue plane arrive and leave safely.  After trying several numbers for the airport manager, Mark Spicer of Flying Mission Services, came through!  He was able to get a hold of the assistant manager and get the airport opened and lit.

The trip to Kasane took 2 hours for the King Air, so it was 12:45 A.M. when Elise was finally safely on the plane.  By 1:03 they lifted off for Gaborone.  The King Air had full medical facilities with a doctor and nurse on board, so they were able to give her something for her pain.  She and Rob arrived at the Gaborone airport at 3:00 A.M.

The next morning, Saturday, at 10:30 they operated orthoscopically on Elise and removed an enlarged appendix with a pus pocket.  Thus, she was put on 3 strong antibiotics.  Anesthesia made Elise nauseated and the 3 antibiotics didn't help either.  Eventually, after getting her nausea under control, she was released from the hospital on Tuesday, thin and weak but well. 

We will be eternally grateful to Mark and Deb Spicer of Flying Mission Services and Bob and Esther Genheimer who were our arms and hearts to hold and love our daughter during her ordeal.  We were not able to leave Kasane with her and know that really it was now Rob's place to be with her, but it was hard none the less.

Thanks to the Lord, Elise is totally recovered and back teaching 23 enthusiastic and energetic first graders!  Thanks to all who offered up prayers of safety and healing for her.

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