Posted on June 6th, 2012

TIA.  Maybe you know this acronym.  In the movie Blood Diamond, Leonard Di Caprio gives the definition: This is Africa.  Africa is a land of great beauty and great deprivation as well as great paradox.  Recently in Kasane, an NGO constructed and built a structure in which the local women can display and sell their handicrafts to tourist.

A huge opening ceremony was held with a minister and the chiefs present.  We heard about it but were unable to attend as it was held on a day and at a time when we had prior commitments.  However, our friends said it was a lovely ceremony! 

Not too long later, I drove by to see what they had for sale as we try to support as much as possible the local industry. I was shocked to see that it was not open.  So I asked a friend about the situation and was told that the paperwork to open the enterprise was still in the works and who knows when it will be allowed to open for business! 

TIA Where else do you have a GRAND OPENING for a shop that can't open!
Pray that the paperwork will come soon so that these ladies may display and sell their beautiful handiwork to the tourists.  It is now prime tourist season!

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