Posted on November 22nd, 2011

The rains have begun and we are so excited about the cooler weather and much needed moisture. The land is dry and brown and the elephants, impala, warthog and other creatures are skin and bones as they wait for the rains to bring new vegetation to life.

After days of triple digit heat, the cooler weather of 66 to 70 degrees finds me wearing a sweater. Yes, my blood is beginning to thin and I find it chilly to sit on the verandah while it is raining and the wind is blowing.

The local farmers are also rejoicing as the rain has softened the ground and added moisture for
their plowing and planting season. We pray it will be a good rainy season and that the crops will be plentiful this year.

Our yard is looking so refreshed after the heat. It is wonderful to wake to the sound of falling rain and see the grass and plants drinking in the water. In Botswana, a desert country, rain is highly prized. The currency is called “Pula” the word for rain. When one wants to call out a blessing, one shouts “Pula”! Yes, it truly is the life of this country and we thank God that we are having “pula” fall on our dry, dusty village.

Our daily prayers are that God’s mercy may be seen in His rain falling on the just and the unjust. We pray that we can be His people of blessing here in our village and bring the much needed love and mercy of God to these people whose spirits are dry and dusty from the lack of “living water”.

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