Posted on October 27th, 2011

Well, it is hot here. We are in the midst of what they call "the suicide month." At 105-6 degrees as an average temperature, we are thankful the humidity is fairly low. With no air conditioning, we really feel the heat.

Thankfully, the rains should be starting next month and they will bring blessed relief. As a friend remarked recently if we remembered how hot October is each year we would all have left by now. So we are thankful for short memories!

The heat is compounded by a lack of water. Our village has been without water for a week. Thankfully, we have a water tank to help us through these difficult times. Supposedly, there is a plan in action to remedy our water problems. We will see.

One of the teachers at Noka ya Botshilo, the school where Elise teaches, said she is so tired of looking out at the river just a half a mile away and then down at her empty water tap. How, she asked, do we live on one of the greatest rivers and yet are constantly without water!

Pray for our neighbors who have no tanks and must walk a long way to get water. Pray also that this situation can be remedied in a proper way so that water shortages are a thing of the past.

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