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Posted on October 20th, 2011

My neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Kachana have three children. The oldest son, Person, has been ill for a while. Mrs. Kachana had taken him to the doctor a few times and every time the doctor told her it was just something that would go away with time and gave her some medicine. Finally, Mr. Kachana on seeing his son wasting away before his eyes, took Person to the doctor and insisted that the doctor run tests to find out what was ailing their son. Sadly, the diagnosis came back as Type 1 Diabetes. This has been devastating news for the Kachana family as this is not a common disease here in Kasane/Kazungula. In fact, the Kachanas were unfamiliar with it.

After nearly 3 weeks in the hospital, the doctor has finally been able to somewhat regulate Person’s blood sugar levels. However, his life and his parents have changed forever. A diabetic diet is challenging at best, but especially here where food that is not processed is not so readily available. Yes, there are fresh vegetables here but they are expensive as is beef or chicken. Most local people eat maize meal porridge with canned fish or a few boiled vegetables and occasionally beef or chicken. Bread, sweet tea, soft drinks, French fries and potato chips are also occasionally part of the diet. This will be a difficult transition for the family to find healthy alternatives for Person. Thankfully, Mr. Kachana has a very good job and is therefore able to buy fresh vegetables for his son. Please keep them in prayer as they learn to adjust to this new life style.

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Rita Murphy - October 25th, 2011 at 9:56 AM
How old is Person? I will put him on our prayer list.

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