A Visitor from Kenya...

Posted on October 20th, 2011

Ben, the son of our friends Rick and Julie, has been visiting us for about 2 weeks. We have enjoyed his youthful enthusiasm for Africa and its people. When he arrived from Kenya, he had just gotten over a bout of typhoid. We took it easy on him those first few days but have now got him out at the small farm resource center clearing brush in 102 degree heat! Needless to say, he and Keith really worked up a sweat! Thankfully, today is in the 70s since it rained all night and cooled down.

Also, Ben has been working on a tower garden experiment with old auto tires. That did not turn out so well, as it is difficult to cut through the steel belt that runs through the rubber. So next he experimented with the softer sides of the tires, but that ended up looking like some strange alien object. Back to square one on that idea.
It has not been all work no play. Ben has had some fun as well. One evening, we took him out to the river so that he could see the amazing sunset over the Chobe River and then an hour and a half later, the almost full moon rise. It was a lovely evening sitting by the Chobe listening to the hippos laugh as the sun set and the silvery moon rose.

This past weekend, he, Elise, and some friends went to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to see the falls, raft the Zambezi, and swing over the gorge. They came home Sunday evening exhausted but happy about a great time in the falls.

We will miss Ben but he has promised to bring his parents on his next trip. So we will be planning some exciting activities for Rick, Julie, and Ben on their next visit.

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