Walk at Your Own Risk...

Posted on September 16th, 2011

Where our village ends, the bush begins. During the normal course of moving about our village, the frequent sightings of elephant, buffalo, hippo, impala, baboons, warthog, make us acutely aware of the fact that the community we live in is hemmed in by game park and forest reserve areas. There are no fences to keep the animals out and our village lies in the path that they must take to get to water, the Chobe River.

Sadly another life has been taken by the wildlife here in our village. Walking at dusk or after dark is especially dangerous as that is when the animals are on their way from the bush to the river to drink.

Just last evening an elderly man walking home crossed into the path of an elephant and was killed. This is the second death of a person by an elephant in as many months. Everyone knows that it is dangerous to walk the pathways at this time of the day, yet sadly many do.

One factor that contributes to this problem of walking about in the evening is drinking at the shabeens or local bars. Most of these open after work hours and stay open late. Those who frequent the bars often have a problem getting a taxi to take them home. So they walk. And sometimes that has tragic consequences. Drunkenness can be deadly here if a person is out and about after dark. How they need the Son to light their dark paths!

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