Let Us Be Light...

Posted on September 16th, 2011

Elise came home the other day with news that a young woman had been killed, beheaded by her boyfiriend. When the police found him, he was just sitting there with the headless body beside him.

Stephen one of our brothers at fellowship Wednesday night confirmed the story and said it was not really surprising as the place or community where this awful act was committed is known for violence. Even its name is steeped in evil. . . Kupalemadi. . . "To scoop up blood."

There is such a darkness over this place and we are praying that we and those others who are believers in this place will shine with the Son's light to dispell this darkness. Please pray for the family of both the murdered woman and the man who committed this horrid deed. Please pray for us as we seek to minister here in this valley of darkness that we be His light of love to all who seek Him and to those as well who reject Him.

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