Posted on August 29th, 2011

We have been out of touch with the outside world for the two week!!!. The whole internet infrastructure of Botswana was down. No way to Skype or get “on line.” This has been frustrating as we have had to resort to using our cell phones or our modem to call family and that gets very expensive! But at least we are able to contact them! So we praise God for lack of internet and Skype!!!

This is just one small inconvenience of living here. We are thankful for a lovely home in a safe neighborhood and plenty of food and water, though presently we are boiling our water as it is dirty as a result of human contamination. Our water comes out of the river which also serves as the sewer for some of the business and homes in Kasane. As we are down river, it is wise to boil the water.

We are blessed with good friends and neighbors and willing workers. Recently, Mowa, our young worker, has been asking Keith about our beliefs in Jesus. Keith besides preaching and counseling is also studying with our friend’s children about the meaning of baptism and a walk with Christ.

Our agricultural plot is being planted with moringa trees and hopefully, in the future amaranth and neem. We are still waiting on the neem trees to mature enough for us to buy them from the government nursery.

In August we traveled to Gaborone, the capital, for the National Agricultural Show. It was a great place to meet and network with people involved in agriculture. Though we were disappointed in the size of the show, we were able to make some important contacts.

We then visited some Christian friends who are farmers in Ghanzi. Jan and Charlotte are old friends from Shakawe days who are currently farming and ranching in Ghanzi. They have a very successful chicken farm of which they gave us a tour. On Sunday morning we worshipped with their fellowship, an Afrikaans-speaking church and were so blessed by the Word and faith of their lives.

Next stop was Maun. I hardly recognized the town as it has grown so much since my last visit 15 years ago. Flying Mission allowed us to stay in their lovely guest house while we tried to find the man who was supposedly commercially producing moringa trees. However, we found out that it is a cooperative of several people growing and harvesting the trees. The leaves, when dried and ground, are taken in tea or porridge and provide a lot of nutrients for both healthy and the AIDS compromised individuals.

Finally, we headed home and found Elise and Carrie doing well. Elise had begun her 4 week holiday and was enjoying resting, relaxing and sleeping in! We also found the network down! So we have been OUT OF TOUCH!

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