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Posted on May 30th, 2011

Elise came home with news that she and I are to bake a wedding cake for one of her teacher’s aides. Mpele is one of several teacher’s aides hired by Chobe River College to help with the many students. She was not a believer when Elise began teaching there 2 years ago. However, since that time Elise and she have been studying and Mpele has become a Christian.
Convicted that she must marry her boyfriend with whom she has been living, she has asked Elise to come to the wedding. As a gift, Elise has offered to make her wedding cake as Mpele has very little money and most of her friends are loaning her plates, cups, bowl, decorations etc. for her wedding.

So, Elise and I have been busy looking at various wedding cakes and figuring out how we will do this. Oh, and it will be a chocolate cake with white icing. Stay tuned and I will try to post pictures of our first ever wedding cake. I do fear word will get out and we may find ourselves making more in the future if we succeed!

Well, we did bake and decorate the wedding cake and it was a job. Being a chocolate cake, it took a lot of white icing to cover the dark cake. We used ribbons and fresh flowers to cover the flaws and it looked pretty decent for a first try. Mpele was so excited when I delivered the cake to the reception area.
Sadly, Elise and I both missed the reception as she was working and I was not feeling well. From 5 blocks away, we could clearly hear the dj and music so we supposed they were having a wonderful wedding reception and the next day it was confirmed by some who attended!

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