Visiting Victoria Falls...

Posted on May 30th, 2011

For my birthday and to use a timeshare week that we were about to lose, we spent a week in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It had been over 15 years since I had visited the Falls and much has changed. The Wimpies hamburger shop where the most delicious ice coffee was served is now shut and shuttered. Many of the shops are empty and the few that are open are fairly well stocked. Although, it is strange to see everything marked with US dollar price tags. The US dollar is the common currency of Zimbabwe at the present time.

It was especially good to see that the grocery stores had food in them. Over and over people reminisced about 2007-8 when the Zimbabweans were literally starving to death.

Elise and I spent one morning browsing through the curio shops for old time’s sake. Rather, we thought we were just window shopping, but the shop keepers engaged us in conversation and we heard about the terrible times of 2007and 2008 when people were desperately surviving. Again and again, we heard testimony about how God had helped them survive, how people turned to the Lord and faith sprang anew in the town like never before. Truly, we, Elise and I were the ones blessed that day and we thought we were just going shopping!

Another task while in the Falls was to procure a dining table and chairs. While available here in Botswana, they are hard to find for the right size and price. In Vic Falls, there are carpenters who custom make furniture. So we spent two days looking at the various carpenter’s shops and finally found one that seats 8. The great news was that it was on sale.

It has taken a couple of weeks to arrange the payment and transport of the table and chairs, but the good news is that table and chairs arrive today. However, several regulars at our table have stated that they will miss the elbow to elbow fellowship. Our current table sits 4 comfortably and 7 with no elbow room to spare!

Another reason for travelling to Vic Falls was to take Daniel, Amber and sweet little Mufaro to their new home for the next few months. We were able to transport a fridge and some other appliances that they had purchased here in Kasane. We will miss them as they are a lovely family and we were blessed to host them in our home. We look forward to working with them in the future.

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