A Real Office...At Last!

Posted on April 15th, 2011

Yes, we now have an official office with internet! What a blessing! Finally a place to skype and not have to hold a flashlight over our heads to be seen. It still lacks basic furnishings and a sign so people can find us, but those things are in the works. Hopefully, my blogs will be more regular as well.

Recently, while paying for some supplies at the register, the clerk asked me if I need "to buy some time". My face must have looked a sight as I grappled with what he meant. Then it hit me! He means air time for my phone. Here air time is sold at most stores and the employees of this store have been taught to ask the customers as they are checking out if they need to buy air time.

That got me meditating on how I would love "to buy some time." But the reality is I only have "right now" What am I doing with "right now"? It is a sobering question.

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