How Blessed We Are!

Posted on February 15th, 2011

Mowa, a young orphan is sitting on our verandah having tea, a British custom that is thoroughly embraced here. He arrives two days a week to do piece work in our yard. His hands are badly disfigured from a fiery incident in childhood. Apparently, as a baby, he crawled into the fire.

He arrives on time with a smile and polite greeting. Mowa is nicely dressed, clean and works hard the four hours he is here. When I serve him tea, he prays with Keith or by himself when Keith is not present. This is new for him, since he did not pray before tea but has followed Keith’s example. Because he is a young man, it is better for Keith to pray with him culturally than me. Keith has since given him a Sestwana New Testament to read and study.

This morning when he bowed his head and prayed I was touched as I realized how blessed we are. His parents are dead and so he is living with a female relative who becomes abusive because of alcohol. Mowa says he stays with friends sometimes to escape the abuse. He is waiting for test results that may allow him to go to Junior Secondary School in Nata, a town four hours away. That would be great for him and enable him once he graduates to get a good job.

On Sundays he goes to fellowship with us and seems to enjoy it. As of now, he is not a Christian but is a seeker. Pray for Mowa, whose name means spirit, that we may show him the Good News of Jesus and the true Mowa or Spirit of God.

By the way, he is another answer to prayer. I have been praying the Lord would send to us those He would choose. As Elise and I were out walking one day, Mowa approached us and asked if we could help. I told him he must talk to my husband and he came the next day to ask if he could live with us! Keith asked him to bring his ID as it is common for the young men to seek employment in order to scope things out for the gangs of foreign thieves from Zimbabwe and Zambia. He is a legal Mostwana and a true orphan. So he is now helping around the house for a couple of days during the week. This gives Keith an opportunity to speak with him about many things, especially those of the heart and spirit.

I am learning to praise God in all things. We have been with out water for 3 days. It has been a test of my faith and patience. Last night I dreamed that when I awoke, water was rushing out of the tap. God answered my prayers this morning and water did flow from the tap. We have a huge water storage tank in the back yard since water shortages are common. But when Keith tried 3 days ago to open the faucet to let it flow, nothing came out. Apparently, this morning he decided to try again and after a few taps on the faucet, the water began to flow. God is good with or without water. (The water did come back on later in the day so we topped the tank and shut it off for another such time when we don’t have water.)

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