A new beginning!

Posted on January 24th, 2011

Sunday Jan. 23rd

Well, we have been here two weeks now. It has been a busy time trying to get our house set up with some borrowed furniture. We have a table with four chairs, two living room chairs, a desk with chair, and two single beds and a camp mattress for Elise. Thankfully, there are closets where we can hang our clothes. So life is good.

It is rainy season here and the rains have been good. Almost every afternoon we have a heavy downpour and this morning we woke to rain. Of course, everything is lush and green and so tropical. My yard is beautiful with all kinds of exotic plants and trees so we spend a lot of time out on the verandah in the mornings and evenings.
I sat in last Wednesday and Thursday for Elise at in-service. It was very enlightening as to the curriculum and staff. Chobe River College is a well-staffed private English medium school that offers a variety of subjects and activities. Despite its name, it has grades pre-school through 7th. Since English is one of the official languages of Botswana, most parents desire for their children to be educated in English as it opens the door to so many opportunities work-wise.
Elise arrived Thursday afternoon from the US and spent the weekend just resting and getting adjusted to Botswana time – 8 hours ahead of US time.

Sunday we met with the Kasane Christian English-speaking fellowship and were so encouraged by their faith and love for each other. Keith preached on being the embodiment of Christ in the community. Kasane is a difficult place to be a Christian. There are few Christians in this area. So it is hard for those who profess His name.

My first trip to our two very nice grocery stores was a pleasant surprise as I found things on the shelf that were not available 15 years ago in Botswana. . . for example, jalapeño peppers, American mustard, and YES!!! Philadelphia Cream Cheese!!! Wow is all I can say!

The cashier knows Elise by her Setswana name and asked what mine is. I told her Ma Tsina, Mrs. Honey, but she gave me another Neo meaning “gift.” So I now have a first and last Mostwana name.

The joy about shopping in Kasane is the creatures walking about the streets. Besides people, there are dogs, goats, donkeys and cattle, oh, and yes, warthogs nosing through the garbage trying to find something to eat.
The neighborhood kids know Elise from her work with the AIDS center and as we drive our streets they yell in unison.”Mutlalepula!.” On Thursday, a group came to the gate to see her. After visiting a while, Elise told them to come next Thursday and she would read them a story. So we are going to plan a little Bible school for them and see where that goes.

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Paul Hestand - January 26th, 2011 at 9:26 AM
sound like you are getting settled well. is Elise's work at the College a government position or is it supported by the church back home? my daughter has interest in doing something similar.
I'm still here in Washington DC. The President gave the State of the Union speech last night. seemed to go well. I still remember my trips to Botswana from Zambia when I lived in Kalomo. Botswana had all the good stuff. anything special you need? my wife is an expert on overseas shipment having mailed packages to me in Iraq for 3 years and to our son who's been in Korea for the last 3 years.......
Daniel and Amber Lufiyele - February 5th, 2011 at 5:01 PM
We are excited to see that you have arrived and that things are getting set up. We can't wait til we hear from Keith. Your work will be blessed!

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