Thanksgiving in December...

Posted on December 6th, 2010

I can hardly stand still as I peer through the glass! Where is she? As the stream of passengers stroll down the passageway, I strain to catch the first glance in two years of my precious daughter. “There! There she is,” I yell. Cute, confident, strolling casually down the hall . . . until she spies all of us wildly waving. The reunion is incredibly sweet and so has the last week been.

Saturday, we all drove to Athens, Texas to have a Thanksgiving in December. Elise requested that we wait and have our family Thanksgiving when she arrived in the US. So on December 4th we ate a sumptuous traditional meal with all the trimmings and watched the Big 12 Conference football game to top it off.

Elise will be here until January 10th visiting family and friends and supporters. Her two years in Botswana , teaching at the Chobi River College, have flown by. She is looking forward to teaching first grade again next year, but is enjoying her break. We love having her here for a while, though it is getting chaotic for us as we are trying to pack up our house and ship our container by December the 16th. Our departure date is uncertain as we are waiting for our travel agent to find us cheap tickets which will be a challenge this time of year.

Our wish for all of you who support us in any way and who read my blog is that you have a wonderful, peaceful and safe Christmas with loved ones and a blessed new year. Lord willing, we will be in Kasane by the end of December or the first of 2011.

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